May 07, 2012

Grassroots Soccer Tournament

Sebastian Annderson
International Business 2012

On April 13th, 45 students at JWU all made the trip to the Harborside campus to compete in a 3v3 Grassroot Soccer tournament. Grassroot is an organization based in Africa. Their mission is to educate children in Africa about HIV and AIDS. As we all know, the deadly decease is spreading rapidly in Africa. By participating in the soccer tournament we all helped Grassroot in their work.

To participate in the tournament all players had to donate either $10 or $20 to Grassroot. For $20 the player was also given a Nike/Grassroot Dri-fit shirt. We expected 30 players to play but ended up with 45 players in 15 different teams. The players’ donations and donations from students who did not play added up to $580.  That money will educate 23 children in Africa about HIV and AIDS.

The Delaney Gym was full of people playing soccer. There were always three games going on simultaneously. The players used the walls on the side to make the game quicker and we used small goals and no goalkeepers. The games were also being played without referees to encourage players to be honest and fair.

When players were not playing games it was great to see students interact with students they had not met before. It was a melting pot of students from all over the world, there were about 15 nationalities represented. The common interest in soccer made people bond and talk about players and teams. Hopefully some students found new friends when they were networking.

As the group stage ended there were times to see who made it to the semifinals. All group winners and the runner up with the most points all made it to the playoffs. Some of the students who did not make it were exhausted after playing several games and left the gymnasium. Others decided to stick around to watch the last games of the tournament. The first semifinal was a matchup between Team Sweden and Free Agent Team 2. A free agent team is a team consisting of players who registered without having a team, meaning they did not know each other beforehand. It is impressive that they made it that far.

The second semifinal was played between Sheep’s Wool and Guasal FC. It was a close game but Guasal FC came out as winners with the result 2-1. The first semifinal was not a close one, the final score was 10-1 to Team Sweden.

The final was therefore played between Team Sweden and Guasal FC. Guasal FC had used four players throughout the tournament so they were more rested, they were also more technically skilled players. Team Sweden played physical and well as a team. The latter proved to be better. Team Sweden won the final with 2-0. Team Sweden won the t-shirts and mugs the JWU bookstore had generously donated to the winning team. The game for 3rd place was won by Sheep’s Wool.

The top three teams were:
1.Team Sweden (Sebastian Andersson, Lukas Samuelsson, Johannes Hertzberg)
2. Guasal FC (Marco Cader, Moises Cuellar, Diego Maldonado, Diego Bosch)
3. Sheep’s Wool (Noel Bulson, Kyle Metz, Henry McKenna)