November 29, 2012


By Patrick Rhodes 

Johnson & Wales University showcased their competitive spirit again at DECA’s Professional Development Day. Hosted by Bay State College in Boston MA,  four JWU College of Business Students from the Providence campus competed in the friendly competition at Bay State.

Like most DECA competitions the idea of the day was to help develop professional skills in various fields of the business world.  This friendly competition was geared towards getting DECA participants ready for real world business interactions. Also preparing for bigger and more serious competitions such as the Regional  Conferences, which will be held in the early parts of 2013 (See WWW.JWUNSO.ORG for more information).

JWU Students arrived to a warm welcome by Bay State College which included a continental breakfast.  Powered up and ready to go the Wildcat contenders competed into their first of two roll play scenarios.  JWU competitors Wayne Moore, Cathrine Nelson, Mozi Zhang and Christine Talamayan found themselves playing the roll of sales managers for a high-end country club, and as sales managers the team needed to coordinate a venue for a special needs group. They had to present their solution to their superiors (judges), as if it was a real business interaction.  As expected the presentation went very well and even impressed the judges enough to land themselves a lunch outing with the two industry professionals.

As told by Talamayan, lunch was as much of a learning experience as everything else that day.  At lunch the judges provided them with feedback from their roll play and key industry secrets such as what they look for when hiring. The judges had shifted their roll from competitive judge to experienced mentors for the JWU team.   

Soon after, the Johnson & Wales crew was even more prepared for their second roll play equipped with valuable information from their previous experience that day.  Now playing the roll of Human Resource managers, the able team was asked to create and present a solution for absenteeism in the workplace.  Their Johnson & Wales ambition produced a powerful presentation that captivated their judges.  Talamayan (who had never competed before) said, “our team did awesome on this case study and we nailed it”.   She later stated, “Overall, I had a great experience and it has made me want to be a DECA Competitor.”

Competitions like these are what drive students to succeed and give them the skills and experiences necessary to do so.  Johnson & Wales University takes pride in our endless success with DECA Related events.  For Information on how to become involved with JWU’s DECA chapters visit (