February 25, 2014

JWU Competes at Regionals

Congratulations to the students who competed in regionals. 

The following students placed in the competition:

Emmanneull Marseille- 3rd place
Corporate Financial:    
Tyler Guy- 4th place
Fashion Merchandising and Marketing:    
 Kathryn Sterbens- 1st  place
Rosemeire Ribeiro-  2nd  place

Restaurant and Food Service Management:    
Robert Santa-1st Place

Travel and tourism:     
 Kathleen Sands-1st place
Business to Business Marketing:   
 Victoria Lascari & Marisa Carey-3rd place
Inernational Marketing:    
 Chris Zurwell & John  Zurwell-3rd place
 Emily Hattub & Rececca Scarpato-4th place

Sports and Entertainment Marketing:    
 Morgan Thompson & Scott Orwig-1st place
 Nicole Kadushin & Megan Dumas-3rd place 

 Lauren Ford & Sonia Ngo-8th place
Sales Manager Meeting:     Beau Cobb-1st place