January 15, 2015

Need a Spark of Inspiration?

Come to Schneider Auditorium on January 22, 2015
For a viewing of :

Blood Brother

"Blood Brother is an intimate portrait of Rocky Braat, an American graphic designer who stumbled upon an HIV orphanage in India and left all that he had to create a family with the kids.  Though Rocky never set out to be a humanitarian, his dedication proves genuine in the heart wrenching film directed by Rocky's best friend, Steve Hoover."

This film will benefit the subject of:
- HIV awareness globally and locally
- HIV/Aids and its impact on children
- Humanitarian Work
- "Voluntourism"
- Cultural Compentency
- Global Engagement
- Individual Societies and Economic Decision

Come to support NSO's Community Action Association, The Indian Student Association, and Circle K International.