April 05, 2016

RI SkillsUSA Winners!

On Thursday night, March 24th, an awards program was held for the RI SkillsUSA competition. Every participant who placed gold has now qualified for SkillsUSA nationals in Louisville, Kentucky, this summer!
We're incredibly excited to announce the following:

Job Interview:
Gold - Joe Esposito  (pictured, right)
Silver - Lisa Willms
Architectural Drafting:
Silver - Brendan Thornton
Restaurant Service:
Gold - Tahliq Mills  (pictured, left)
Silver - William Kann
Commercial Baking:
Gold - Kathryn Brouillette
Silver - Josephine Wolfe
Bronze - Rebecca Zacamy
Gold - Angelina Jorge
Silver - Zachary Powell
Bronze - Michelle Lapaglia

Danielle O’Brien, SkillsUSA national officer (pictured, middle)
Congratulations to all of our JWU participants in the RI SkillsUSA competition! You all worked hard and did a fantastic job!