October 14, 2011

Eyes on Gallery Night

By Tiffany Cabral
Marketing, 2013

Mollie Hosmer-Dillard Painting

NSO students enjoyed a variety of events throughout the month of October, one of which was Gallery Night Providence.  Gallery Night provides a great opportunity for the public to discover the city’s arts scene.  On the third Thursday of each month, from March through November, galleries throughout Providence open their doors free of charge.  

On October 13th, 12 NSO students, accompanied by advisor Dr. Erin Wilkinson, boarded the Art Bus, which transported them to many exhibits around Providence. The evening’s stops included a green architecture gallery, formerly called The International Green Construction Code, URI Feinstein Providence Campus Gallery, Copacetic Rudely Elegant Jewelry, BankRI Gallery, and Craftland. Tour guide Deb Dormondy enthusiastically shared the history of the participating locations. For those of you who may not know who Ms. Dormondy is, she is a local artist who creates blank journals and photo albums by hand. Take a look and see some of her fabulous work at www.ifnbooks.com.
            Among the many stops was the BankRI Gallery where the work of Mollie Hosmer-Dillard was on exhibit. While viewing Hosmer-Dillard’s work, a student asked “why are eyes always painted in your paintings,” to which she anxiously responded, “It’s a subconscious thing I do; I want the paintings to be looking back at me.”  She went on to describing the different paintings and her thoughts while creating them.  One particularly striking piece was one of her sister with eyes all around her. The artist explained that her sister was inspirational for many of her pieces.
Hosmer-Dillard explaining her painting
            At the URI Feinstein Providence Campus Gallery, dance and music filled the room. URI students and faculty were featuring a tribute to the culture of the Dominican Republic. The walls were splashed with paintings and photos that showed the beautiful country. Landscapes found in the Dominican Republic were among many of the paintings. The ambiance of the Dominican culture was both inspirational, and lively.  While the bongos were vigorously playing it felt like a piece of the Dominican was among us all. 
            Beautiful artwork and exhilarating dance was among the many different things that were experienced during Gallery Night. Gallery Night was entertaining and an overall great night. This is why, in my opinion, is an event that should not be overlooked. So next time, the city of Providence opens up its doors for this creative experience, I recommend you don’t miss out.