October 31, 2012

DECA Idea Challenge 2012

Get ready to show off your entrepreneurial spirit! The DECA Idea Challenge 2012 is a fast-paced competition that challenges college student teams to find new use for a common, everyday item while creating the most value possible. Examples of items used in similar activities are rubber bands, water bottles and gum wrappers. The common, everyday item for 2012? The item will remain a mystery until November 7, when DECA will announce the item and officially launch the competition. Teams then have eight days to develop and execute their ideas and submit a three-minute video showcasing their work to YouTube. A panel of expert judges will select national winners shortly after Global Entrepreneurship Week
For detailed information and to register for the Idea Challenge, visit www.GEWUSA.org/challenge.

October 24, 2012

DECA Passport Program

A Rhode Island State DECA office will be visiting the Providence campus to discuss the DECA Passport Program.  If you are planning to attend ICDC this year, we strongly encourage you to attend as we would like all JWU students to receive the passport.  At nationals, you will be recognized on stage for your completion of the passport. It will be held on November 6th, John Hazen White 301 at 7pm.