November 29, 2012


By Patrick Rhodes 

Johnson & Wales University showcased their competitive spirit again at DECA’s Professional Development Day. Hosted by Bay State College in Boston MA,  four JWU College of Business Students from the Providence campus competed in the friendly competition at Bay State.

Like most DECA competitions the idea of the day was to help develop professional skills in various fields of the business world.  This friendly competition was geared towards getting DECA participants ready for real world business interactions. Also preparing for bigger and more serious competitions such as the Regional  Conferences, which will be held in the early parts of 2013 (See WWW.JWUNSO.ORG for more information).

JWU Students arrived to a warm welcome by Bay State College which included a continental breakfast.  Powered up and ready to go the Wildcat contenders competed into their first of two roll play scenarios.  JWU competitors Wayne Moore, Cathrine Nelson, Mozi Zhang and Christine Talamayan found themselves playing the roll of sales managers for a high-end country club, and as sales managers the team needed to coordinate a venue for a special needs group. They had to present their solution to their superiors (judges), as if it was a real business interaction.  As expected the presentation went very well and even impressed the judges enough to land themselves a lunch outing with the two industry professionals.

As told by Talamayan, lunch was as much of a learning experience as everything else that day.  At lunch the judges provided them with feedback from their roll play and key industry secrets such as what they look for when hiring. The judges had shifted their roll from competitive judge to experienced mentors for the JWU team.   

Soon after, the Johnson & Wales crew was even more prepared for their second roll play equipped with valuable information from their previous experience that day.  Now playing the roll of Human Resource managers, the able team was asked to create and present a solution for absenteeism in the workplace.  Their Johnson & Wales ambition produced a powerful presentation that captivated their judges.  Talamayan (who had never competed before) said, “our team did awesome on this case study and we nailed it”.   She later stated, “Overall, I had a great experience and it has made me want to be a DECA Competitor.”

Competitions like these are what drive students to succeed and give them the skills and experiences necessary to do so.  Johnson & Wales University takes pride in our endless success with DECA Related events.  For Information on how to become involved with JWU’s DECA chapters visit (

November 12, 2012

Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular

By Andrea Hidalgo

On October 17th, seven NSO students joined Dr. Wilkinson in a haunted trip to the Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular, held in Roger Williams Park Zoo.

After getting some delicious Halloween snacks, we enjoyed an hour of enchanted carved pumpkin displays, many of which were true works of art. This year the event was titled “All the World’s a Stage”, and let us experience the rich history of cinematics. There were over 5,000 pumpkins on display that day, from iconic movies like Gone with the Wind and science fiction blockbuster Lord of the Rings to the latest Disney movie; the show captured our imagination and our hearts. Amongst the group’s favorites were the pumpkins displaying King Kong and Avatar along with the extra large Titanic scene.

After our magical time at the zoo, we headed for an appetizing dinner at The Cheesecake Factory, as well as a spooktacular movie at Providence Place Mall. It was definitely an amazing evening, as we were able to bond with other NSO students and enjoy a world-class attraction at the same time. I am looking forward to the next NSO outing!

November 09, 2012

Junior Achievement

Junior Achievement is looking for Volunteers!
JA is looking for volunteers to teach programs in grades k-12.
You do not have to have a teaching background, just enthusiasm!!!

-You will receive all materials needed to teach this program. Step-by-step instructions to explain what to do each session.
-The program is once-a-week for 5-7 weeks depending on the grade level you choose, and each session lasts approximately 30-45 minutes for k-5, and 45-55 for grades 6-12.
-You will work out your own schedule with the teacher.
-JA staff will deliver the materials, train you and answer any questions.
-You will have a great time and so will the students.

Please Contact Karen Healey or Beth Tedeschi at Junior Achievement at 401-331-3850 or at or if you are interested.

November 07, 2012

Congratulations to Samantha Wilber

Lets give a congrats to our own Sam Wilber who was recently featured in Brand RI. Brand RI is an extension of Rhode Island Monthly focusing on Advertisement and Business.  Samantha was featured in the Onward and Upward section which talks about recent hires and promotions in the Rhode Island area. The articles states "Samantha joined Twin River Casino team as a public and community affairs assistant" Samantha will be serving as a liaison to the local community, assisting with all media relations.  She is a recent grad from Johnson & Wales with a double major in marketing and management  Once again CONGRATULATIONS!