March 29, 2013

2013 SkillsUSA RI Championships

Please congratulate the top JWU competitors. First place winners will go on to compete at the SkillUSA National Leadership & Skills Conference (NLSC) in June in Kansas City, Missouri with gold medalists from around the country.
Commercial Baking – Clarissa Robinson – Gold Medalist, First Place
Commercial Baking – Daisy Lam – Silver Medalist, Second Place
Commercial Baking – Jessica Bose – Bronze Medalist, Third Place
Computer Maintenance  - Frank Marzano – Gold Medalist, First Place
Crime Scene Investigation – Kaylah Conner, Lupe Perez & Stevi Price – Bronze Medalists, Third Place Team
Culinary Arts – En Chieh Liu – Gold Medalist, First Place
Culinary Arts – John Colarusso – Silver Medalists, Second Place
Culinary Arts – Stephanie Sorensen – Bronze Medalist, Third Place
Extemporaneous Speaking – Elena Melekos – Gold Medalist, First Place
Extemporaneous Speaking – Gelimar Vargas – Silver Medalist, Second Place

A Trip to Italy

Currently one member of the NSO Communications Association, Andrea V. Hidalgo Contador, is studying in Italy.  While she is working hard, she makes plenty of time for fun. 
To read about her travels and her studies, go to her page:  and look for posts with #IHTM Italy 2013

DECA Cash Flow

Collegiate DECA offered students a chance to learn about financial security.  Johnson and Wales student Robert Baldauf took advantage of Cash Flow and ended up placing.
Congratulations Robert!

To see pictures from Cash Flow please visit:

March 20, 2013

Getting the Dish from Chef Wollenberg


By: Liz Burke
          National Student Organization competitions are coming up, and for those culinary students looking to compete needed some more information.  What better to give information with than food?  While Dr. Wilkinson and RI State Officer Michael Ferrant were speaking about NSO, Skills USA, and upcoming events, Chef Wollenberg was giving some baking tips while Sharkfest winner student Markiquse Chess was spinning music.

          This event attracted competitors and “foodies” alike.  The music and atmosphere was upbeat.  Chef Wollenberg made an array of desserts that tempted the palette of everyone in the room.

          Culinary competitions are right around the corner and we wish luck to all the competitors. 

March 15, 2013

NE Regional Conference:

JWU Winners:

The NE Regional Conference sponsored by the NSO was held on Friday 2/15 at the JWU Providence campus at HAC. There were over 180 competitors in attendance from 11 area colleges to include Bay State College, Bryant College, CCRI Liston, CCRI Warwick, Endicott College, Johnson & Wales University, Manchester Community College, Mount Ida College, Southern New Hampshire University, UMASS Dartmouth, and University of New Haven. Please congratulate the top JWU competitors.
Written Test:
Accounting Principles  Emmanuel Marseille - 1st Place
Accounting for Professionals  Robert Baldauf - 1st Place
Accounting Analysis & Decision Making  Robert Baldauf - 1st Place
Hospitality and World Tourism  Kathleen Sands - 2nd Place
Hospitality and World Tourism  Stephanie Robak - 3rd Place
Retail and Fashion Merchandising  Alexa Duquette - 1st Place
Retail and Fashion Merchandising  Brandon Hill - 2nd Place

Prepared Events:
Financial Statement Analysis Colin Flynn/Nakesha Wilson - 1st Place
Financial Statement Analysis  Xiyangzi Fang/ Lin Zhou - 2nd Place
Professional Sales  Terazha Pittz/ Lauren Queen - 1st Place
Web Design  Xiyangzi Fang - 1st Place

Production And Open Forum Events:
Culinary Management Institute  John "Nick" Colarusso/Stephanie Sorensen - 1st Place
Public Speaking-Section 1  Gelimar Vergas - 1st Place
Public Speaking-Section 1  Alicia Leite - 3rd Place

Business Simulations
Fashion Merchandising & Marketing  Alexa Duquette - 1st Place
Hotel + Lodging  Kathleen Sands - 1st Place
Restaurant & Food Service Management  Alicia Bryk - 2nd Place
Travel + Tourism  Stephanie Robak - 1st Place

Case Studies-Individual
Human Resources Management  Isseniel Rodriguez - 2nd Place
Marketing Management  Davis Lillie - 2nd Place

Case Studies-Team Events
Business Ethics  Nicholas Kalas/Laura Day - 2nd Place
International Marketing  Alissa Diaz/Bayla Werman - 1st Place
International Marketing  Lauryn Ellis/Ryan Shalan - 2nd Place
Madmen Competition  Michael Degrasse/ Joseph Marcus - 1st Place
Madmen Competition  Giang Phan/ Patricia Springfield - 2nd Place

March 13, 2013

Charity Walk for Muscular Dystrophy

NSO Community Action Association

Coming up soon is the annual charity walk for the Muscular Dystrophy Association.  It will be taking place at Providence College and the money raised will go to medical research and supplies for those affect with the disease.  A group of 15 students from CAA have already joined together to walk, help set up/breakdown, and two students will be working a face painting tent for the kids. 

For every $500 dollars raised, they will send a child with muscular dystrophy to summer camp.

Currently we are working to raise $1000 before Saturday. If anyone would want to help they can collect donations or come to the event.

 The group will be meeting at 9:00 am on Saturday at Gaebe Commons and taking a bus to Providence College. The event will be going on until approximately 1pm.
If students want to participate contact:

Timothy Garvey email: phone: 978-877-9136

Collegiate DECA:  Cash Flow


March 08, 2013

Competitive Events

By: Daniela Fonzin
On February 15th I competed in the NE regional conference for competitive DECA. It was a very nerve racking experience to say the least. All of the preparations that has to go into making sure your presentations are one of a kind, and your presentation will needs to have that “WOW” factor. I competed in Professional Sales. My competition category was pitching a sales idea to two judges. I also had to explain to them how I planned to fund the idea as well as what the idea is. I also competed in the public speaking event; where we were given a topic and had to present a ten minute speech over the topic.  The topic happened to be Instagram, one of the fastest growing social networks of today’s generation. I didn’t place this competition, and unfortunately I will not be going to Anaheim, California where, ICDC will be held this year, but I am grateful for the experience and I gained a lot from the experience.  I can say that I am very proud of all my fellow Johnson and Wales Students that placed at regional conference as well as my fellow peers; it was well deserved. Overall regional conference was a great experience and I can’t wait to come back next year with a BANG!

March 04, 2013

Want to go to a Fashion Show?

Is fashion your passion? Did you know JWU is having a fashion show on Tuesday March 26th at Pepsi Forum? Would you like a free ticket?
Contact Leslie A Migneault at for a ticket today! Only a few are left. Doors open at 6 pm and the show starts at 6:30.