December 17, 2013

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December 09, 2013

Resume Workshop open to everyone

Need some help fixing your resume?
NSO will be hosting a Resume workshop open to any student where you can come to get all of the final touches on your Resume. This event will be held on January 22nd at 5pm in John Hazen White room 209.

Launch Social Event

Come join NSO celebrate the new year with a social event at Launch Trampoline Park!

This event will be held on Wednesday January 15th, 2014 at 7pm. JWU Wildcat busses will be picking up at Gaebe Commons at 6:15pm and at Harborside at 6:30pm. We will have one full hour of bounce time along with two slices of pizza and a drink. NSO students who have already paid their dues and would like to attend the event must RSVP by calling 401-598-2345 by January 12th, 2014. This event is FREE for the first 50 people. Make sure to Sign up as soon as possible! Be sure to fill out a waiver prior to the day of the trip at this link

December 02, 2013

Community Action Association Cleans Up Broad St.

            Written By Anthony Henry and Shawn Riendeau
          On October 18th, CAA, and all of it’s new members, gathered trash bags and gloves in preparation to spend their Friday afternoon cleaning up Broad St. Eleven students had one task and one task only for the day and that was to fill up their extra large garbage bags with trash that blemished the streets of Providence. We started outside of City Burger, located on Pine St., and made our way to South Providence Neighborhood Ministries. During the day we picked up an assortment of items such as,  papers, cups, bottles, plastic bags, cigarette butts, and their packages. Ironically enough, while cleaning up Broad St. many of us felt a sense of community whereas we felt that the people whom littered felt the opposite. We also heard frequent thank yous from strangers on the street that appreciated the fact that students were willing to do a good deed for others.

This form of community service, while extremely labor intensive, allows volunteers to actually connect with the community. It gives us, as volunteers, a chance to truly see the change that we are making in the community compared to that of donating money. By not having a psychical role, or presence you would not be able to see the actual effect that your monetary donation has made. This also allows individuals that cannot donate money, to still participate and make a difference with their ability to donate time to the community.

CAA and the Gloria Gemma Project

NSO’s Community Actions Association and Gloria Gemma Project 
Written by Anthony Henry and Shawn Riendeau

“To raise breast cancer awareness, increase breast health education, enhance the quality of life for breast cancer patients, as well as their families and friends, and generate funding for local breast health programs”---Gloria Gemma Mission Statement

            On October 4th 2013, Community Actions Association started planning to raise a goal of $500 for the Gloria Gemma foundation. A 5k walk would take place on October 13th. The group discussed possible ways to raise money including asking family and friends for donations, online crowd funding and passing out flyers. All donations had to be registered online at the Gloria Gemma NSO Community Actions Association team page. After about a week of fundraiser, we raised $270 dollars. We unfortunately did not meet our goal, but we were proud to have contributed to a good cause. Next year we plan exceed our expectations.

 This is an example of community service because CAA members not only raised money to financially support Gloria Gemma and the patients it serves, but we were also able to provide emotional support for cancer patients by participating the 5k walk. Along with working with Gloria Gemma, CAA has also previously raised $1300 and participated in a walk organized by the Muscular Dystrophy Association.

            Although CAA was unable to reach our goal of raising $500 for the Gloria Gemma Foundation, we still managed to raise $270 in a week. Next year we plan on allowing ourselves adequate time to prepare and fundraise prior to the event. We still feel like asking friends and family along with using an online crowd-funding platform was an excellent form of fund raising.