February 25, 2014

Meet Your Executive Board

National Student Organizations (NSO) has been growing widely on campus over the years. For an organization so large, it takes a team to help it stay organized. For this reason, the NSO executive board was created at Johnson & Wales University. The executive board helps NSO stay on track and keeps the student body informed by attending monthly meetings with the NSO advisors, helping plan and organize all events and socials within NSO, and discussing what is happening in each chapter of the organization. While accomplishing all these tasks, the executive board also gives feedback from students to the NSO advisors and relays information back to the student body. NSO is an organization known for taking great strides towards success and the students on the executive board are no different.

Name: Anthony Henry

Hometown: Danbury, CT

High School Affiliated Chapter: DECA
JWU NSO Division: Community Action Association

JWU Major: Finance

Year: 2016

What’s your best NSO memory (high school or college)?

The best NSO memory that I have took place at the end of freshman year when I took a trip to Australia with CAA (Community Action Association). Taking a trip to Australia was always one of my dreams, but I never thought that it would be possible until I joined this organization.

Name: Elena Melekos

Hometown: Hopatcong, NJ

High School Affiliated Chapter:  SkillsUSA

JWU NSO Division: Leadership Academy

JWU Major: Counseling Psychology

Year:  2016

Do you relate you NSO knowledge or skills back into your studies in any way?

 I definitely have related every aspect of SkillsUSA into my studies. From the professionalism, time management, to the public speaking. As a Counseling Psychology major, being professional, keeping track and being on time are essentials to helping your clients and yourself stay organized.  

Name: Nicholas Kalas

Hometown: Mount Olive

High School Affiliated Chapter: DECA

JWU NSO Division: Competitive Events Institute

JWU Major: Business Administration

Year: 2016

Any advice to incoming or new NSO students who are looking to get involved?

Get involved in as much as you can! It looks great on a résumé and can open so many doors and opportunities.

Name: Ashley Fudala

Hometown: Manchester, New Hampshire

High School Affiliated Chapter:  DECA

JWU NSO Division: Communications Association

JWU Major: Sports/Event/Entertainment Management

Year: 2016

What got you to be involved with NSO (any chapter) in high school and then carry that over to college?

 In high school many of my friends were involved with DECA and I would always hear about all of the amazing experiences they had at competitions and conferences. This made me want to experience it for myself. DECA played a huge part in my senior year of high school and I wanted to continue competing and making more connections with other DECA members so I chose to stay involved with DECA in college.