February 17, 2015

2015 Regional Conference Results

Congratulations to all of our winners!

Accounting (Flight 1)
First: Andrew Chretien (Endicott)
Second: Ryan McGurn (Bryant)
Third: Katie Javaruski (Endicott)

Accounting (Flight 2)
First: Jaida Nisbett (JWU)
Second: Nina Soares (CCRI Liston)
Third: Jaime Zompa (Endicott)

Banking Financial Services
First:  Acadia Willis (Endicott)
Second: Bryan Carlson (Middlesex)
Third: Tyler Guy (JWU) 

Fashion Merchandising & Marketing
First: Alexa Duquette (JWU)
Second: Joel DeLeon (CCRI Liston)
Third (t): Kyla Craffey (Middlesex)
Third (t): Danica Wilson (Bryant)

Hotel & Lodging
First: Raveena Goyal (Bryant)
Second: Tayla Manson (JWU)
Third: Sahro Hassan (Mount Ida)

Restaurant & Food Service Management (Flight 1)
First: Robert Richard (JWU)
Second: Roxanne Sarotic (Bay State)
Third: Elton DosSantos (CCRI Liston)
Fourth: Parthenia Giannopoulos (JWU)

Restaurant & Food Service Management (Flight 2)
First: Megan Jansen (Endicott)
Second: Brianna Geoghegan (Bryant)
Third: Parker Zanghi-Clark (Bryant)

Retail Management
First (t): Karen Falk (JWU)
First (t): Sarah Schlecht (Bryant)
Second: Ashley Cardona (Bryant)
Third: Katherine Young (Endicott)

Travel & Tourism
First: Rachel Reints (Endicott)
Second: Bentley Miller (Endicott)
Third: Katie Ball (Bryant)

Human Resource Management
First: Evan Ott (Bryant)
Second: Kyle Cogan (CCRI Liston)
Third (t): Ashley Bea Poole (CCRI Knight)
Third (t): Luis Dos Santos (Bryant)

Marketing Management
First: Dan DeSimone (Bryant)
Second (t): Zach Martin (UMass Dartmouth)
Second (t): Jackson Yager (Mount Ida)
Third: Russell Williams (JWU)

Sales Manager Meeting
First: Alysha Fraser (CCRI Liston)
Second: Alyssa Duncan (JWU)
Third: James Cobb (JWU)

Entrepreneurship (Starting a Business)
First: Jeff Piraino & George Weinstein (JWU)
Second: Khushbu Jasani (JWU)

Advertising Campaign
First: Patrick Lindner & Jesus Vazquez   (JWU)
Second: Brendan Burke, Erik Evans & Jordan Grass  (Endicott)

Business Ethics
First: Makayla MacSaveny & Julie Towne  (Mount Ida)
Second: Dimitar Matropozov & Ryan Prior  (Middlesex)
Third: Brian Cole & Bryan Carlson  (Middlesex)

B2B Marketing
First: Josh Powers & Dylan Yaworski   (Endicott)
Second (t): Megan Bentley & Morgan Daley   (Endicott)
Second (t): Allie Daigle & Noah Tanguay-Collins   (Endicott)
Third: Russell Mangsen & Sarah Murray   (UMass Dartmouth)

International Marketing
First: Emily Hattub & Rececca Scarpato   (JWU)
Second: Grace Bachman & Bianca Palumbo   (Endicott)
Third: Alex Gaertner & Austin Lefabvre   (Endicott)

Sports & Entertainment Marketing
First: Mike Muldoon & Jess Tambascio   (Bryant)
Second: Rosseline Bencosme & Roy Sylvander  (CCRI Knight)
Third: Joel Martins & Sahil Patel     (UMass Dartmouth)

Business Research
First: Tyler Parenti, Marcus Smith & Russell Williams (JWU)

Financial Statement Analysis
First: Dana Bupphaves & Brett Rich   (Middlesex)
Second: James Cobb & Todd Lind     (JWU)

Emerging Technology Marketing Strategies
First: Brian Hackett & Harbal Singh Sandhu  (Bay State)

Job Interview (SkillsUSA event)
First: Rachel Tousignant  (CCRI Knight)
Second: Lisa Willms  (JWU)
Third: Emmanuel Marseille ( JWU)

Extemporaneous Speaking (SkillsUSA Event)
First: Ashley Fudala (JWU)
Second: Marcus Smith (JWU)
Third: Gabrielle Cidras (JWU)

Business Communications (PBL Event)
First: Hafeezah Lewis (JWU)
Second: Todd Lind (JWU)
Third: James Cobb (JWU)

February 04, 2015

Students Become Teachers in JA in a Day

Testament to its community service commitment, Johnson & Wales University’s National Student Organizations (NSO) sponsored a “JA in a Day” program on Friday, January 30th. Thirty-five JWU students and two advisers led Junior Achievement curriculum activities with K-5 elementary students at Providence’s George J. West Elementary School. In addition to participating themselves, many NSO students recruited friends to help. Johnson & Wales students represented the NSO's Junior Achievement program as well as the Emerging Leaders program.

Students at George J. West were eager to meet their JWU volunteers and enjoyed the day’s activities. JWU students and advisers taught 5 different lessons throughout the day, culminating with a certificate presentation to each elementary student. “We were very pleased with the number of volunteers this year. This was the largest number of students we have had volunteer for JA in a Day, and they were an impressive group. They all seemed to enjoy the day and certainly made an impact with the students in their respective classrooms,” according to Jeanne Blanchette, an NSO advisor.

Students who participated include: Katherine Cook, Tanya Bien-Aime, Brianna Laborde, Juwan Cook, Gabrielle Cidras, Jennifer Hurley, Samantha Riley, Deidrae Thompson, Caitlin Toth, Yadira Campos, Carl Luthman, Ben Laudicano, Bess Boima, Nicole Marcelin, Devone Pommills, Nina Lynn, Kieanna Stuehmer, Shawn Riendeau, Rachel Mossbrook, Nataliya Braun, Rebecca Clark, Beau Cobb, TJ Lind, Grace Williams, Lexi Young, Jenna Evins, Tahliq Mills, Saima Ali, Chris Cruz, Patrick Lindner, Caitlin Brown, Michael Burris, Taylor Buffalo, Irving Ingram and Emily Williams. Advisers are Sandy Cardoza and Jeanne Blanchette.

February 03, 2015

Wildcats in Washington!

FBLA-PBL members representing JWU at the FBLA-PBL National Fall Leadership Conference.
On November 7th TJ Lind and I traveled to our nation’s capitol to represent JWU NSO at the FBLA-PBL National Fall Leadership Conference! This is the first time in four years JWU was represented at an FBLA-PBL NFLC! With over 2,300 members and advisers present at the conference, networking was a key topic!
TJ and I landed in the beautiful city of DC, and were greeted by PBL National Treasurer, Karthik Krishnan who drove us to the FBLA-PBL National Center in Reston, VA. While I had a meeting with the executive staff, TJ toured association drive (DECA, SkillsUSA, FCCLA) learning more about what other CTSOs have to offer!
On the first day of the conference we were greeted by the other national officers, and attended a dinner where they discussed their goals for the association. It is wonderful to see so many bright minds working together to promote the world’s premier student business association. The night continued when TJ I toured the White House with Connecticut FBLA State Officers.
On our second day of conference we headed to the Department of Education where TJ assisted me in speaking on behalf of post-secondary students across the US. The meeting was filled with insightful comments and questions, connections were definitely made! We returned to the conference hotel for a day filled of exciting workshops after doing lunch on the hill and meeting Senator Jack Reed.

The third day of conference I attended the FBLA-PBL State Officer track to watch my officer team in action training state officers from across the country! TJ informed me that he met several other New England state officers, and had a wonderful time.
Before we packed our bags for Providence we reflected back on the astonishing weekend. Overall, thanks to CTSOs we have the opportunity to network with some of the greatest minds from throughout the country. I challenge all NSO members to take advantage of an FBLA-PBL NFLC next year in Omaha, Charleston, or Baltimore! If you are interested in attending the National Leadership Conference this summer in Chicago please contact me at pblpres@fbla.org
Go Wildcats!