NSO Academies

National Student Organizations at Johnson & Wales University Providence is pleased to offer the following membership options for the 2017-2018 academic year:

Competitive Events Institute
Great for those who love to compete and travel. You’ll receive training to help compete at conferences and possibly win additional scholarships dollars as well as participate in seminars hosted by the institute. Members are also given the opportunity to become competitive event trainers serving both high school and college students.

Community Action Association 
Participate and develop your own community and civic engagement projects. This organization allows members to network and build leadership skills while strengthening the community. Students develop a lifelong, practical understanding of the balance between corporate prosperity and community commitment.

Communications Association
You’ll promote the achievements of your fellow NSO members while gaining practical experience in creating concise media messages and marketing pieces that make great additions to your portfolio. This group designs the NSO newsletter and manages the student Web site. Members of this unique organization must have strong verbal and written communication skills or experience in marketing, web development or graphic design.

Events Academy
Our newest NSO academy, Events, is perfect for those who want to get involved and create opportunities for others to do the same. Members have a passion for creating interactive events and strive to build relationships among NSO members as a whole. Whether planning our fall cookout or holiday party, a day in Boston or a trip to Six Flags, the Events Academy is dedicated to helping NSO members have fun and enrich their overall university experience. 

Leadership Academy

Improve your leadership style, build confidence in public speaking, negotiating skills and group work abilities. Members are invited to travel to leadership conferences, plan professional development series or run for local, state or national offices.