How do I find out about meetings? How do I join?
Information about meetings is updated on this Web site on a bi-weekly basis. Just click on the calendar or contact an advisor listed for the division that interests you.

How much are membership dues? When do they have to be paid?
The membership dues for the 2017-2018 academic year are $60.00 and should be paid by the end of your first term.

Visit our secure portal, jwunso.afford.com, to make your dues payment. Using a checking account is recommended but credit cards are also accepted. 

What happens if I do not pay my dues? 
If you fail to meet the criteria of your scholarship by not paying the membership dues, you will lose one-third of your scholarship for the next academic year.

Do I have to participate in a NSO division? 
No, but it is strongly recommended. The terms of your scholarship state that you must participate in at least one of the NSO divisions. You can join more than one if you wish.

What if I am unable to make the division meetings? Can I still join? 
Yes! You are encouraged to contact your advisor if you are unable to commit to organizational meetings. There are many activities outside of just meetings that you can participate in.

I signed up for an NSO division but have not received information from the club. What should I do?
If you haven’t heard from the club, you are encouraged to contact the advisor and be sure that you are on the membership roster. You can also check the Web calendar.

Do I have to reapply each year for the NSO scholarship?
No. The scholarship is automatically renewable up to four years as long as you remain continuously enrolled, pay you dues and are in good academic standing. You are required to sign up for an NSO division each year when you pay your dues.